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MegaDIY Day

Lotsa dirt under the nails, it was mega-DIY marathon Saturday. Drove my wife’s car out to Yokota this morning, and installed a new CV boot.

Then this afternoon, I came home and worked on rebuilding an old bike for a kid who’s outgrown his current ride.

We live on a cul-de-sac, but it’s near a train station, so there’s always a steady stream of pedestrians while I’m out wrenching.

I should probably put out a hat and make it clear that if people stop and stare, they should pay for my performance. I’m not too proud to busk.

There aren’t a lot of DIY mechanics in Tokyo, and I suppose watching a gaijin laying in the gutter as he swears at corroded bolts must have some entertainment value. One of my Japanese coworkers says my mechanical misadventures are larger than life. He calls me a manga-mechanic.

My biggest problem is that used vehicles here are dirt cheap, mostly because of the horrendous Japanese Compulsory Insurance. In order to renew your JCI every two years, you have to pass a stringent inspection. Teeny tear in your CV boot? Fail! BTW, that’ll cost you $400 to repair.

Unless of course you do it youself. My wife’s repair cost me forty bucks in parts, plus whatever my time is worth. At least it gets me away from a computer screen one day a week, and it keeps the neighbors entertained.

DIY-Dave, the manga mechanic.